Naomi mag, Agudah, DrawYomi and Lilith…08.12.19

William Blake: Naomi Entreating Ruth and Orpah to Return to the Land of Moab, 1795

Credit to for Naomi Meirov for establishing Naomi magazine – “a modest alternative to the modern magazine and media culture.” As Meirov states on the site, she has set out to create an orthodox publication with everything from fashion, Jewish entertainment, home decor, restaurant & travel reviews, features about great women in all fields and articles for teens, millennials and of course MOM… all in one magazine

Less credit to Rabbis Aaron Lopiansky & Elya Brudny who addressed a question regarding feminism at the recent Agudah Convenention – this clip has been doing the rounds and posts by Ann Koffsky and Aliza Deutsch offer a commentary.

January 2020 sees many different celebrations for the Siyum HaShas – and Rabbi Jack Engel has written a reflective piece about his own changing attitudes to women studying Talmud. In the UK, for an artistic perspective, celebrate with Jacqueline Nicholls who has dedicated last 7 years to her drawyomi project – event being held at JW3.

Lilith Magazine is a treat when it arrives through the letterbox. The recent issue reflects on the #metoo movement and an interesting piece by Sarah Blustain captures many of the dilemmas facing journalists who are reporting on sexual abuse. Sarah was the author of Lilith’s article Shlomo Carlebach’s Shadow Side in 1998.