Harediot, archives & more…27.10.19

Latest ‘must-watch’ TV – Channel 13 on Israel TV – Charedi Women I’ve just started it and it’s fascinating – thoughtful and insightful. Would be particularly interesting to know how the women themselves view the documentary.

Thanks to Kolech for their recent publication reflecting on the importance and challenges of Orthodox Feminism – anyone interested in translating it into English? This would be a great public service.

I had a lovely Simchat Torah at London’s Kol Rina minyan week – and there’s a PhD waiting to be written specifically about women and Simchat Torah. In her 2014 blog, Shira Pasternak Be’eri highlighted the reluctance of many women to physically embrace the Sefer Torah when it was offered to them. That’s certainly still the case, but there are now 100s of Orthodox girls who have have read their Torah parsha for their bat-mitzvah since 2014 – they are the vanguard of a new generation of young women who simply expect to hold the Sefer Torah and don’t understand the brouhaha.

In case you’ve never come across the Jewish Women’s Archive, it’s the most wonderful resource chronicling the lives of Jewish women. It’s one of the best examples of creatively using archival sources to showcase the impact of Jewish women on communal life and highlighting how collecting documentary evidence that might seem innocuous at the time is crucial to understanding changes in social history. For example, using the search term ‘orthodox’, check out these articles to see what’s changed in recent years.

And another fashion update on the rise of modest clothing and its business drivers.