Domestic Violence, Hats, the National Library of Israel, Maureen Lipman and more…24.11.09

November 25th marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. At our London shul, people are encouraged to make a donation to Jewish Women’s Aid instead of bringing flowers or wine to Shabbat hosts this coming week. And in Israel, a group of Orthodox women are tackling the issue of domestic violence.

From Italy to Jerusalem – check out the current exhibition at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art​ – the role of Italian Jewish women is represented in their unique and precious textile collection.

I am a huge admirer of Rabbi Dr Natan Slifkin and his blog is a must-read. A recent post Under the Black Hat made me smile. In comparing attitudes towards secular education amongst the charedi communities of Israel and the USA, he concludes ‘don’t assume that two communities of Jews wearing black hats are anything at all alike.‘ Ditto when it comes to women and their head coverings – you simply can’t assume what a woman is thinking by her head covering. Read more about that in my book Under My Hat.

Thanks to Professor Jonthan Sarna, “Cosella Wayne: Or, Will and Destiny,” the work of Cora Wilburn the 19th-century female writer will not be lost – finally given her due as likely the first Jewish author to pen a distinctly American Jewish work of fiction.

The National Library of Israel has a fabulous set of resources about Jewish women and feminism

This week’s fashion tip – never feel frumpy and frum again – at least that’s Devorah’s USP.

Fascinating article in the NY Times: Orthodox communities defy the fertility odds – hardly news, but what’s interesting in this article The End of Babies, is the comparative data and conceptual framework used to understand the phenomenon of the high birth rate across religious communities.

Finally, as Israel, USA and the UK lament the state of their leadership, the marvellous Maureen Lipman has shared her views about the UK election in this short clip